Transcendental Reiki 
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     Tracey Lenac 
   MA, RMT, RCYP - 2, RH

Tracey has a Master of Arts in Education/ Curriculum & Instruction and a Bachelor of Science in Psychology.  

She is a certified registered Usui, Karuna Ki and Sacred Flames Reiki Master.  

She is also a certified Spiritual Aromatherapist,  Radiant Child Yoga Practitioner (level 2) and a Registered Healer

Tracey resides in Southern California but is able to provide Reiki treatments worldwide through distant Reiki.  

Here's what people are saying about Transcendental Reiki...

Lisa J. from Missouri says

It never was about pain elimination as much as it was about my attitude toward the pain.
 I remain weather sensitive, 
but with your help, it seems as though I've been able to lose
my fear-to-anger
response which concerned me so. Life is tolerable and beautiful again."

Christie S. from California says...
"I have felt a lot less scared and content with the way things are right now. 
Haven't been so reactive and more at peace with myself."

Wendy G. from California says this about her dog, Smokey...
"This is really amazing. Around 8-8:30 last night, Smokey was on the couch with me and my
husband and our other dog. We were watching TV and he was sitting up. Out of nowhere he rolled
over on his back, stomach up to the ceiling,   and laid there quietly with his eyes open.
 He stayed like that for quite a while. I had a feeling you were doing the treatment around that time
 due to his behavior. He didn't seem hypnotized, just calm. Then, he got off the couch and went
to his doggie bed and fell asleep very deeply. I carried him upstairs to our bedroom and he slept
 through the night without moving. He was still asleep when I left for work today".