Transcendental Reiki 
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Our mission is to heal all animals through Reiki as
 a supplemental and/or alternative therapy for traditional and holistic veterinary care.

  • We provide each animal with individualized attention through distance Reiki treatments.

  • Distance Reiki treatments are just as effective as hands on Reiki treatments.

  • Distance Reiki treatments are more convenient for the veterinarian and/or pet owner since special accommodations do not have to be made to facilitate this service.

  • Animals prefer Reiki to invasive treatments and pharmacological remedies.

  • Animals respond to Reiki when traditional therapies are unsuccessful
  • All animal reiki treatments are $25. 
  • Reiki services are provided free of charge for all animal shelters and rescue organizations
  • We provide Reiki training to veterinarians and/or veterinarian staff.  The cost is $350 for up to five staff members. 

 Animal Reiki